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Friday, August 24, 2007

Some funny Idioms 3

as I lived and breather مسير الحى يتلاقى
as indolent as lotus eaters زى تنابله السلطان
a skirt-chaser بتاع نسوان
as like as two peas in a pod فوله وانقسمت نصين
a small beer حته افندى
a snake in the gass ميه من تحت تبن
as plin as the nose on your face واضح زى الشمس
as red as a lobster زى الطمطمايه
a stolid person دمه بارد
a stopgap سخسخ على روحه
a sure card راجل حدوته(حكايه)
as swarming and insistent as beggars زى شحاتين السيده
at a loose end قاعد بينش
a thorrugh pest راجل حقنه
at least بالميت
at near the end of one`s rope روحه بقت فى مناخيره
a trifle to keep the appetite at bay مسح زور
at rock bottom ف الحضيض
at someone`s beck and call رهن الأشاره
at someone`s heels ف ديل فلان
at the drop of a hat ف لمح البصر
a white elephant زى الرزيه
a whole tribe of children أورطه عيال
a word in your ear كلام ف سرك
back to front خلف حلاف
bag and baggage حاله ومحتاله
be a compelet flop راح ف الكازوزه
be a good boy خليك جدع
be a total write-off راح فطيس
be able to breath again شم نفسه
be afraid of one`s shadow بيخاف من خياله
be all mouth and trousers فنجرى بق
be anybody`s guess الله واعلم
be as broad as it is long وشها زى قفاها
beating around the bush لف ودوران
beat one`s brains out عصر مخه
beat the band زى الصاروخ

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