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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NAMES OF ALLAH (azawajal)


  1. AL-QUDDUS(The Holy)
  2. AL-MALIK(The Sovereign Lord)
  3. AL-RAHIM(The Mercifull)
  4. AL-RAHMAN(The Beneficent)
  5. ALLAH(The Name Of God)
  6. AL-JABBAR(The Compeller)
  7. AL-AZIZ(The Mighty)
  8. AL-MUHAYMIN(The Protector)
  9. AL-MU'MIN(The Guardian Of Faith)
  10. AL-SALAM(The Source Of Peace)
  11. AL-GHAFFAR(The Forgiver)
  12. AL-MUSAWWIR(The Fashioner)
  13. AL-BARI (The Evolver)
  14. AL-KHALIQ (The Creator)
  15. AL-MUTAKABBIR(The Majestic)
  16. AL-ALEEM(The All Knowning)
  17. AL-FATTAH(The Opner)
  18. AL-RAZZAQ(The Provider)
  19. AL-WAHHAB(The Bestover)
  20. AL-QAHHAR(The Subduer)
  21. AL-MUIZZ (The Honourer)
  22. AL-RAFI'(The Exalter)
  23. AL-KHAFIDH (The Abaser)
  24. AL-BASIT(The Expender)
  25. AL-QABIDH(The Constrictor)
  26. AL-ADL(The Just)
  27. AL-HAKAM(The Judge)
  28. AL-BASEER (The All Seeing)
  29. AL-SAMI'(The All Hearing)
  30. AL-MUTHILL(The Dishonourer)
  31. AL-GHAFUR(The All-Forgiving)
  32. AL-ADHEEM(The Great One)
  33. AL-HALEEM(The Forbearing One)
  34. AL-KHABEER(The Aware)
  35. AL-LATEEF(The Subtle One)
  36. AL-MUQIT(The Maintainer)
  37. AL-HAFEEDH(The Preserver)
  38. AL-KABEER(The Most Great)
  39. AL-ALI(The Most High)
  40. AL-SHAKUR (The Appreciative)
  41. AL-MUJEEB(The Responsive)
  42. AL-RAQIB(The Watchfull)
  43. AL-KARIM (The Generous One)
  44. AL-JALEEL (The Sublime One)
  45. AL-HASEEB (The Reckoner)
  46. AL-BA'ITH (The Resurrector)
  47. AL-MAJEED (The Most Glorious One)
  48. AL-WADUD (The Loving)
  49. AL-HAKEEM (The Wise)
  50. AL-WASI' (The All-Embracing)
  51. AL-MATEEN (The Firm One)
  52. AL-QAWI (The Most Strong)
  53. AL-WAKEEL (The Trustee)
  54. AL-HAQQ (The Truth)
  55. AL-SHAHEED (The Witness)
  56. AL-MU'ID (The Restorer)
  57. AL-MUBDI (The Originator)
  58. AL-MUHSI (The Reckoner)
  59. AL-HAMEED (The Praiseworthy)
  60. AL-WALI (The Protecting Friend)
  61. AL-WAJID (The Finder)
  62. AL-QAYYUM (The Self-subsisting)
  63. AL-HAYEE (The Alive)
  64. AL-MUMEET (The Creator Of Death)
  65. AL-MUHYI (The Giver Of Life)
  66. AL-QADIR (The Able)
  67. AL-SAMAD (The Eternal)
  68. AL-AHAD (The One)
  69. AL-WAHID (The Unique)
  70. AL-MAJID (The Noble)
  71. AL-AAKHIR (The Last)
  72. AL-AWWAL (The First)
  73. AL-MU'AKHKHIR (The Delayer)
  74. AL-MUQADDIM (The Expediter)
  75. AL-MUQTADIR (The Powerful)
  76. AL-BARR (The Source Of All Goodness)
  77. AL-MUTA'ALI (The Most Exalted)
  78. AL-WALI (The Governor)
  79. AL-BATIN (The Hidden)
  80. AL-DHAHIR (The Manifest)
  81. MALIK-AL-MULK (The Eternal Owner Of Sovereignty)
  82. AL-RAOOF (The Compassionate)
  83. AL-'AFUW (The Pardoner)
  84. AL-MUNTAQIM (The Avenger)
  85. AT-TAWWAB (The Acceptor Of Repentance)
  86. AL-MUGHNI (The Enricher)
  87. AL-GHANI (The Self-Sufficient)
  88. AL-JAAMI' (The Gatherer)
  89. AL-MUQSIT (The Equitable)
  90. THU-AL-JALAL-WA-AL-IKRAM (The Lord Of Majesty and Bounty)
  91. AL-HAADI (The Guide)
  92. AL-NOOR (The Light)
  93. AL-NAAFI'(The Propitious)
  94. AL-DHAARR (The Distresser)
  95. AL-MAANI' (The Preventer)
  96. AL-SABOOR(The Patient)
  97. AL-RASHEED (The Guide To The Right Path)
  98. AL-WARITH (The Supreme Inheritor)
  99. AL-BAQI (The Everlasting)
  100. AL-BADEI' (The Incomparable)


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