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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

English Teachers' Barriers to the Use of CALL

Computers have been used for language teaching ever since the 1960's. This 40-year period can be divided into three main stages:
(a) Behaviorist CALL,
(b) Communicative CALL,
(c) Integrative CALL.
Each stage corresponds to a certain level of technology and certain pedagogical theories. The reasons for using Computer-assisted Language Learning include:
(a) Experiential learning,
(b) Motivation,
(c) Enhance student achievement,
(d) Authentic materials for study,
(e) Greater interaction,
(f) Individualization,
(g) Independence from a single source of information,
(h) Global understanding.
The barriers inhibiting the practice of Computer-assisted Language Learning can be classified in the following common categories:
a) Financial barriers,
b) Availability of computer hardware and software,
c) Technical and theoretical knowledge,
d) Acceptance of the technology.

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