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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

English Idioms

Don`t tempt the evil eye اخزى العين
Don`t wear your heart on your sleeve دارى على شمعتك تقيد
Do or die يا قاتل يا مقتول
Do some one proud بيض وش فلان
Do the dirty on someone قل باصله مع فلان
Dot the i`s and cross the t`s حط النقط على الحروف
Double-entendre كلام محسوس
Double or qits يا طابت يا اتنين عور
Down to the ground متفصل على فلان
Do wonders سوى الهوايل
Do you still have the gall ولسه لك عين
Do your worest أعلى ما فى خيلك اركبه
Drag one`s feet قدم رجل واخر رج
Drat it قطيعه تقطعنى
Dressed to kill لابسه عريان
Dressed up to the nines لابس اللى على الحبل
Drink like a fish صاحب قزازه
Drive someone to an early grave موت فلان ناقص عمر

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Anonymous said...

Good job guys. And I wish there would be any kind of contact between the two of us. I do really admire your work a lot, and I've checked out your workshops, but the question now is, why don't you inform the whole university with something like that? And why isn't there any kind this stuff now?